Static XBPS

In rare cases, it is possible to break the system sufficiently that XBPS can no longer function. This usually happens while trying to do unsupported things with libc, but can also happen when an update contains a corrupt glibc archive or otherwise fails to unpack and configure fully.

Another issue that can present itself is in systems with a XBPS version before 0.54 (released June 2019). These systems will be impossible to update from the official repositories using the regular update procedure, due a change in the compression format used for repository data, which was made in March 2020.

In these cases it is possible to recover your system with a separate, statically compiled copy of XBPS.

Obtaining static XBPS

Statically compiled versions of XBPS are available on all mirrors in the static/ directory. The link below points to the static copies on the primary mirror in the EU:

Download and unpack the latest version, or the version that matches the broken copy on your system (with a preference for the latest copy).

Using static XBPS

The tools in the static set are identical to the normal ones found on most systems. The only difference is that these tools are statically linked to the musl C library, and should work on systems where nothing else does. On systems that can no longer boot, it is recommended to chroot in using a Void installation medium and use the static tools from there, as it is unlikely that even a shell will work correctly on those systems. When using static XBPS with a glibc installation, the environment variable XBPS_ARCH needs to be set.