TeX Live

In Void, the texlive-bin package provides a basic TeX installation, including the tlmgr program. Use tlmgr to install TeX packages and package collections from CTAN mirrors. Install the gnupg package to allow tlmgr to verify TeX packages.

The texlive-bin package contains the latest TeX Live version; however, earlier versions, such as texlive2018-bin, are also available.

The texlive package and texlive-* packages are also available, and provide TeX packages directly via xbps. TeX packages installed via those packages cannot interact with TeX packages installed directly from CTAN (via tlmgr). For example: pdflatex from texlive-pdflatex cannot be used to compile a TeX document that uses a package installed via tlmgr; tlmgr install pdflatex would be required for that.

Configuring TeX Live

After installing TeX Live, update the value of PATH:

$ source /etc/profile

Check that /opt/texlive/<year>/bin/x86_64-linux (or /opt/texlive/<year>/bin/i386-linux) is in your PATH:

$ echo $PATH

If required, change the global default paper size:

# tlmgr paper <letter|a4>

Installing/Updating TeX packages

To install all available packages:

# tlmgr install scheme-full

To install specific packages, you can install the collection(s) including them. To list the available collections:

$ tlmgr info collections

To see the list of files owned by a collection:

$ tlmgr info --list collection-<name>

To install the collection:

# tlmgr install collection-<name>

To install a standalone package, first check if the package exists:

$ tlmgr search --global <package>

and then install it:

# tlmgr install <package>

To find the package providing a particular file (for example, a font):

$ tlmgr search --file <filename> --global

To remove a package or a collection:

# tlmgr remove <package>

To update installed packages:

# tlmgr update --all

For a full description, check: