Custom Repositories

Void supports user-created repositories, both local and remote. This is only recommended for serving custom packages created personally, or packages from another trusted source. The Void project does not support any third-party package repositories - the use of third-party software packages poses very serious security concerns, and risks serious damage your system.

Adding custom repositories

To add a custom repository, create a file in /etc/xbps.d, with the contents:


where <URL> is either a local directory or a URL to a remote repository.

For example, to define a remote repository:

# echo 'repository=' > /etc/xbps.d/my-remote-repo.conf

Remote repositories need to be signed. xbps-install(1) refuses to install packages from remote repositories if they are not signed.

To define a local repository:

# echo 'repository=/path/to/repo' > /etc/xbps.d/my-local-repo.conf