Restricted Packages

Void offers some packages that are officially maintained, but not distributed. These packages are marked as restricted and must be built from their void-packages template locally.

Packages can be restricted from distribution by either the upstream author or Void. Void reserves the right to restrict distribution of any package for effectively any reason, massive size being the most common. Another common reason is restrictive licensing that does not allow third-party redistribution of source or binary packages.

Building manually

You can use xbps-src in the void-packages repository to build the restricted packages from templates. For instructions on building packages from templates, refer to the void-packages documentation, and the "Quick start" section in particular .

Remember that the building of restricted packages must be enabled explicitly by setting XBPS_ALLOW_RESTRICTED=yes in your xbps-src configuration (in the etc/conf file in the repository.)

Automated building

There is also a tool, xbps-mini-builder which automates the process of building a list of packages. The script can be called periodically and will only rebuild packages if their templates have changed.