Changing Mirrors

Each repository has a file defining the URL for the mirror used. For official repositories, these files are installed by the package manager in /usr/share/xbps.d, but if duplicate files are found in /etc/xbps.d, those values are used instead.


To easily modify the currently selected mirror, xmirror(1) (from the xmirror package) can be used. This utility takes care of all steps for updating the selected mirror.

Manual Method

Alternatively, this can be done manually:

To modify mirror URLs cleanly, copy all the repository configuration files to /etc/xbps.d and change the URLs in each copied repository file.

# mkdir -p /etc/xbps.d
# cp /usr/share/xbps.d/*-repository-*.conf /etc/xbps.d/
# sed -i 's||<repository>|g' /etc/xbps.d/*-repository-*.conf

After changing the URLs, you must synchronize xbps with the new mirrors:

# xbps-install -S

You should see the new repository URLs while synchronizing. You can also use xbps-query to verify the repository URLs, but only after they have been synchronized:

$ xbps-query -L
 9970 (RSA signed)
   27 (RSA signed)
 4230 (RSA signed)
   47 (RSA signed)
 5368 (RSA signed)

Remember that repositories added afterwards will also need to be changed, or they will use the default mirror.